Tuesday, April 17, 2012

big thanks!

a big thanks to our sponsors and eveyone who came out!
as soon as we get all the pics sorted out and video ready i will post it all on here!
to everone who didnt make it you missed out on good times,booze, Slick Willie, and bombing the skyway bridge!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday the 13th

So for the Tampa crew and whoever else I was thinking, which is a challenge, on the 13th my wife's shop will be doing $13 tattoos off of a flash sheet. For whoever is down for a tattoo we can use her shop as a meeting spot it is in Brandon . We will be getting up there around 11 and plan on heading south around 12:30-1. Let me know what your thinking

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hell yeah

Matt over at Death Science is making these fucking sweet patches for us!! Now go to his site and buy some shit!

Friday, February 17, 2012


This ride is gonna be a blast and everyone here in Tampa has all thrown in to set this up right. So first big thanks to Artizinn, br3or, Sportygurl92, Sean, Nuven, and bacalao. We’ve done everything we can to make this an awesome ride, but there’s something you have to do to contribute. Please be prepared. This is a very independent ride; bring some tools and extra parts; especially if you have an older bike. The chase truck will have some basic tools and gas, but do not rely on those to be there. Just keep in mind that if anyone behind you has ever had to catch parts that came off your bike; bring something to bolt it back on. We will not leave a rider; just do NOT expect anyone else to have the stuff you need to keep your scoot running.
What kinds of bikes are allowed?  ALL bikes are allowed. We prefer custom chops and bobs, but all are welcome. Just don’t be surprised if you feel a bit out of place on a full bagger. 

SCHEDULE (what little there is of one)
FRIDAY April 13th
We’re all going to meet up at Diamond Billiards, 1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral, FL 33991, around 4:30-5 pm. Hang out there for a bit and get some drinks going. Shortly after that, we will be heading to the campsite, which is about 20 minutes away, to set up for the night. The campsite is located at 5120 Stringfellow Road, Pine Island Center, FL. On the way out to the campsite we will stop to load up the chase truck with beer, food/booze is on you. The fee for the campsite the first night is $20, this helps cover the campsites and the Gladezmen. There’s also been talks of Show Class magazine doing a Mag release party!!
Once there, we’re gonna have The Gladezmen set up and playing for a few hours while we party it up.  Keep in mind, while we are drinking, feel free to get stupid drunk but please don’t be stupid. No burnouts or anything of that nature. We are on someone else’s land and it would be nice to be welcomed back next year. 
SATURDAY April 14th
Approximately 9 am KSU, refuel and grab breakfast at the nearest gas station then blast our way over ~100 miles to Peggy’s Corral at 4511 US Highway 41 N, Palmetto, Florida. 
After staying hydrated at Peggy’s (This is also a small package store! Pick up your bottles here for the rest of the ride) we’re heading across the Sunshine Skyway, a 4 mile, 400 ft. high bridge, over to St Petersburg.  Once there we’re hitting up the Emerald Bar, 550 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL then over to Mahuffer’s , 19201 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores, FL. Finally when we’re all good and sauced up we’ll be jumping back across the bay on the way to 1602 McLin Rd, Plant City, FL 33565. There we will have approx. 5 acres to camp and drink.  The cost for this night of camping will be $20 as well but will include basically an all you can drink with 2-3 kegs there depending on how many people we have on the ride.

We will be doing the raffle in Plant City before everyone gets too many drinks in em.  In case you hadn’t seen, we have a Biltwell helmet and chrome risers, Lowbrow sent out some banners, custom spark plug wires, some T’s, and a peanut tank. Steffan over at Zombie performance hooked us up with a couple set of his custom badass bars! 
This is gonna be a badass ride, just be prepared for the hours in the saddle. (Actually.. probably won’t be more than like an hour at a time knowing most of your 0.9 gallon tanks lol) There will be plenty of stopping for food and drinks throughout the ride. If you ever want to separate from the group to go out to eat or whatever that’s fine just print out a map so you know where we’re headed next.

Some things to pack:
Tarp/Tent/Sleeping Bag
Toiletries if you’re not a dirty biker.
Tool kit and spare bike parts, plugs, patches, what-have-you
Cell Phone
Clothing (Check out how the weather’s going to be before you pack for the weather)